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Expert Services is a customer-focused corporate culture where career development and a healthy work-life balance are valued and encouraged. Our people are our most important assets and we believe people are happiest in jobs at which they excel and enjoy.

Expert Services provides the best in HVAC intelligent service solutions in the state of Texas. We have accomplished this by assembling a team of exceptionally talented and dedicated individuals who are challenged every day to work hard to exceed client expectations. Our goal is to create an environment where people can work alongside a peer group that motivates each individual to be better every day. If you are looking to be challenged and grow professionally or if you desire to feel valued and recognized for your contributions, Expert Services is for you.

Expert Services offers full benefits to include Health, Vision, 401K, tuition reimbursement, paid vacation and more. Check out our current career opportunities below to learn more.

“It is no longer enough to have a good product. A company’s purpose and the way it treats its employees and the global community to which it belongs is also of great importance.”
– Punit Renjen

All Careers at Expert Services

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Apprentice, Tradesman, Journeyman

Our technicians undergo thorough training through the Apprenticeship program which documents a technician’s qualifications and skill levels in HVAC Trades. Through continuing education at Expert Services, we build on these skills to the mutual benefit of our technicians and our customers.


Our engineers have an established expertise in HVAC, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and energy applications to expertly repair, modify and improve system performance. They proactively recommend energy efficient solutions and help clients develop their capital budgeting process.

Building Automation

Our building automation teams are responsible for designing and programming activities using direct digital controls (DDC) and automation systems for comfort control and energy savings. They apply engineering principles and practices to design cost-effective control solutions to meet client requirements.

Project Technician

Our project technicians work within a team to deliver the highest quality services for our customers. They use a comprehensive set of tools and systems, and communication skills to enhance the customer relationship.

Executive Management

Our managers lead skilled teams to deliver the highest quality maintenance service and energy solutions on every project. We look for managers to grow long-term business relationships and show a personal interest in our clients’ building asset strategy, and proactively demonstrate energy efficient programs that yield positive ROI.

Business Development

Our business development team coordinates interaction between clients and other company departments. This provides an exceptional opportunity to learn advanced sales, financial, technical, and energy-conservation skills. Compensation is directly linked to personal achievements.

Accounting & Administration

Our accounting and administrative departments act help us deliver the highest quality financial and office support services. They use a comprehensive set of company-provided tools, systems and procedures, which enhance the client’s experience. The behind-the-scenes work accounting and administration performs is very important to Expert Services.

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives help us deliver the highest quality services for our clients. They must understand the importance of their unique role and are constantly seek new ways to build more positive relationships with clients.

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2345 Merritt Drive Garland, TX 75041
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