Energy Services

Expert Services qualified professionals will develop an Energy Program designed around a five-step process, with the objective of continually optimizing the efficiency and performance of your facility.

Our energy services begin with a benchmark of your energy consumption and costs compared to similar type buildings in the market. We can also assist in analyzing your utility rate structure and usage to identify cost per unit, demand charges and fluctuation prices.

Once our experts have completed their initial operational inspection, we’ll implement a program to return your systems to their peak optimal condition and, through comprehensive maintenance tasking, we’ll maintain system optimization, ensuring your equipment isn’t working harder than it’s should.

Our experts are also trained to identify low cost or even no-cost improvement opportunities. With your HVAC systems accounting for up to 64% of your overall utility costs, even small enhancements and upgrades can have a major impact, providing you with simple solutions with a quick return on your investment.

We’ll also help you look at capital improvements to address aging equipment or intelligent automation and controls to provide you with a holistic approach to making a long-term plan for reducing energy consumption – and the costs associated with it.

The average commercial building wastes up to 30%* of its energy – our Experts can help.
— The Department of Energy (DOE)

Five Steps to Improved Efficiency

Mikkelsen Coward utilizes a five-step program to improving the energy efficiency in your building.

  1. Benchmark & Analysis
  2. Optimize Existing Systems
  3. Low Cost/No Cost Savings
  4. Capital Planning & Budgeting
  5. Measurement & Verification

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Measurable Impact

We can help you reduce the single largest operating expense in the average commercial building.

  • HVAC 61%
  • Lighting 10%
  • Computing 6%
  • Office Equipment 3%
  • Other 20%

Source: 2012 U.S. Energy Information Administration (

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