Planned Maintenance

Expert Services' Planned Maintenance programs are not "one size fits all": we will tailor one just for you. This customized program focuses on:
  • Operational goals
  • Financial targets
  • Facility type
  • Hours of operation
  • Equipment type, age and runtime using industry accepted standards/manufacturers recommendations

Effective, forward-thinking Planned Maintenance Programs are a series of scheduled services
designed to:

  • maximize your facility’s operational performance and reliability
  • extend your equipment life
  • minimize unplanned downtime
  • lower your total annual cost of operations

Your custom Planned Maintenance Program will include a dedicated team of qualified managers and technicians. They will soon be experts in your facility’s operational and maintenance requirements.

Our Planned Maintenance programs feature a variety of options to fit your budget. They all include a fixed-price option, giving you maximum cost predictability for your repair and maintenance expenses. From preventive maintenance, to repair or replacement of failed or aging components, our service agreements are customized to meet your unique requirements.

A proactive Planned Maintenance program can save as much as 60% of a building's annual maintenance & energy costs.
— 2011 Building Efficiency Initiative

Benefits of Planned Maintenance Improves:

  • Workplace safety
  • Costs transparency
  • Equipment performance


  • Optimized use of resources
  • Performance benchmarks

Reduces Overall:

  • Equipment downtime
  • Maintenance costs
  • Repair expenses
  • Energy expenses
  • Capital expenses

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